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About Made of Stories

An avid explorer and hopeless romantic felt like she was leaving a piece of her heart in every place she visited...but she also carried a story from these places with her. Each one of the stories was a bright mosaic of the place comprising of flavours, sceneries, feelings, friendships, sounds, faces, moments and locals' worldviews. She then decided to transform these stories to lifestyle collections paying tribute to these stories. 

What you will experience is made with inspiration from stories made in Bali, Marrakech, Rio, Goa, Jogja, Jaipur, Tangier, Naples, Moscow, Sicily, Athens, Petra, Kazan, London, St. Petersburg, Capri, New York, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Aqaba, Beirut, Havana...

This is how Made of Stories is born, with the aim to bring a smile on people's faces when they get a glimpse of the vibrant design in their everyday lives. No matter what might be going around, what might be happening in your day, we want to see this smile on your face!

Each product is designed with this in mind and made to order for each one of you. 

Visit the travel blog to read about the stories that brought all of this inspiration and insights that she thought would be valuable to share from the places she travelled to. 

And make sure to not miss the city boho style clothing, colourful sportswear, laptop cases, phone cases and ethnic style swimwear. 

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