Let's find a beautiful place
to get lost...

Rio, Marrakech, Bali, Greece or Bavaria?
Bring the vibe of these places into your everyday life. Experience the Made of Stories collections with artistic designer fashion, boho-chic clothing and boho home decor inspired by beautiful travel moments.

Dance in Rio

Dance in the carnival, dance because your favourite soccer team just won, dance because the music is playing. The tropical jungle and the city are embracing each other. You don't have to be in Rio to celebrate life, just turn the music on. 

More to Love

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Elevating instantly your mood and attire.



Colourful sportswear. Because it's so much more than just exercising.


Laptop Cases

Guaranteed to lift your spirits every time you look at it.



Elevating instantly your mood and attire.


Men's Athleisure

Fun, comfort and luxury combined in uniquely designed garments for him.

Feel Bali.png

Feel Bali

A collection of boho style clothing and home accessories that bring the serenity of Bali to your place. 

Instagram When in Morocco video.jpg

When in Morocco...

A fashion collection inspired by Moroccan cities, their architecture and ambience.

Passaro Roxo Bag.jpg


For women that love colour and are not afraid to show it.


Yoga mats

Exercise in style with handmade designer yoga mats.



The perfect summer shoes to be out and about all day long.

Carnaval bag


Get up. Dress Up. Show up and never give up.

Graos Suitcase.png

Suitcases & Umbrellas

Just to make sure you'll never mistake your umbrella or suitcase for someone else's.


Welcome to Greece

A fashion collection designed and curated with 'meraki', humour and Greek island breeze.


Rattan & Macrame

Because it's so nice knowing that someone lovingly made your home decor.


Handmade Furniture

Treat yourself to colourful luxury designed and handcrafted by specialists.

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