Exploring Indonesia

Updated: Mar 2

A few years ago, I got sent with work to Jakarta for a project. Obviously, despite being solo, I couldn't pass on the opportunity of exploring a bit of Indonesia (it's also a 20+ hour flight from London).

So, I managed to squeeze in ten days of travelling to Bali and Yogyakarta (or how locals call it; Jogja). I know, Indonesia is the biggest archipelagos in the world, the third biggest population in the world, you can't say you explored the country in ten days and visiting only five places. But, I do intend to go back for more and I've sent already a few people there holidaying and honeymooning since I've been.

A sneak peek from Jakarta (my favourite taxi ride, the prominade, the city centre, and view from the city in the rain from the hotel)

So, on Saturday morning after an exhausting work-week in Jakarta, I still don't know how I made my flight from Jakarta to Bali...I was left at the wrong terminal and I made it about 30min before departure to the right check-in area (the airport is huge). But I remember they were very sweet to let me go through. If you are tall and fair-skinned and have been to Jakarta, you know. Locals look at you as an amusement, they stop you in the street (if you dare walking in the chaotic Jakartan traffic) to take a picture with you. There was a live band singing at the hotel in the last evening and they were really insisting I join them (me and singing?!? you don't want to go there). Why were they insisting? Because I looked like Adele to them - I'm not joking! This is exactly what they said!