When in Morocco...

Updated: May 18

I've dreamt of going to Morocco since I was a teenager in Greece. Images of the Medina, its souks and the sunset above them was coming to my mind when I was thinking of Morocco. I ended up going solo to Marrakesh in 2013. There I fell in love with a very intense love with the ambience of the country and a man. The love with the man didn't last more than a few months but the love with Morocco is uninterrupted ever since. The more Moroccan cities I visit, the more fascinated I am by the country's aura. I don't think it's worth me commemorating here the times and cities I went to but the experiences and the stories...

If you're here, you've probably seen the Made of Stories Morocco collection.

In 2015, during a fashion course at Saint Martins College in London, I prepared the plan for a collection that was widely inspired by Morocco, Interestingly, it was meant to be for Spring-Summer 2016 when Middle Eastern patterns hit the high street shops but as you probably imagine my collection wasn't one of them. In July 2020, I finally got the courage to launch part of the initial collection on the Made of Stories website. Here you will read and see the things that inspired the collection and I hope to revive some of your own memories.

What is it that I love about Morocco?

I love the smile on people's faces - even when it's cheeky. I love how people move their hands when they're talking to each other. Oh my, how I love these doors with the amazing mosaic tiles. I love the colourful artisanal Berber carpets hanging on the walls - I've once carried one in my hand-luggage in three cities in order to get it back home to London - it's still a statement piece in my living room.

I love the beautifully crafted gates. I love seeing the steams and smoke above Jemaa el-Fna. I love watching the red sunset sky from one of the terraces of the medina. I love sipping to mint tea in a riad's courtyard or on a square while people-watching.

I love strolling around the medina - even when it's in circles. Dare I say, I even started enjoying bartering with the souks traders. I love listening to the sound of adhan - the call for prayer - especially during sunset, it has something magical. I love pouring mint tea from half a meter higher than the glass and seeing how many bubbles appear - a sign of how strong the tea is. I love how the porters in the souks might take an afternoon nap on one of the carriages - and being alert while napping - I still remember how funny I found it when one of them opened his eyes to see me staring at him!

I love how you can find a carriage or a cow or a goat while driving on a road - I know how most Moroccans hate this but I find it thrilling.

I love the little fish shop close to Bahia palace in Marrakesh where, in 2013, we ate with a good friend some of the best fish we had ever tasted.

These are the experiences that I tried to convey with the Morocco collection and I hope you liked the designs - let me know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @whereis_xenia and @madeofstoriesbrand to follow my future trips to Morocco and other places around the world.

Here is my mosaic of pictures captured hroughout the years...When in Morocco...