Exclusively designed by Made of Stories, this is a colourful leather bag for women that love colour and are not afraid to add a zing to their daily attire. In our Brazilian grains inspired art design, your made-to-order bag is expertly handcrafted in London, UK specifically for you. 


You can choose from three different materials, including two 100% Nappa leathers and a leatherette alternative. Your leather cross body bags are lined with luxury Suede Vision fabric, in a neutral beige colour. The gold-coloured, nickel-plated chain strap is stunning and matches the chain clips and the zip teeth and puller beautifully. The front and back of your crossbody bag are printed in the same pattern but with subtle differences to create a special effect.


Work of exquisite craftsmanship, this bag is handmade in the UK to the highest quality standards and is made for each and every order. It's ready to ship in 1-2 working days and delivered within the UK with next day delivery (FedEx) or 1-4 days in continental Europe (DHL). 


Your custom crossbody bag is lined with a luxury Suede Vision fabric. This is a beautiful beige colour and is fire rated. The Suede Vision is super-soft and complements the leather or leatherette wonderfully.


Key Features:

  • Made from Nappa leather or faux leather
  • 100% leather in smooth or textured options
  • Lined with beige Suede Vision fabric
  • 1 m detachable nickel-plated chain strap - you can hold it as a clutch bag or wear it as a crossbody bag


How is it made for you?

Your bag is made by hand to order in our fulfilment partner's London facility. Firstly, the leather is printed using the most up-to-date, digital printing techniques by fully trained print technicians. Once the Made of Stories design is printed onto the leather, craftsmen will cut your piece to the correct size and shape, based on the pattern provided by their exclusive in-house bag designer. 

Once this is ready, their artisan seamstresses will stitch your bag together using a thread specifically for stitching leather. This is all done by hand, onsite their London facilities.


What leather is this bag made from?

The crossbody bags are made using Nappa leather. This is available in either a smooth or textured finish and is 100% real leather. Nappa is full-grain, bovine-calf leather, and it is incredibly soft.


What if I don't want a leather bag?

You can choose a faux leather option. With all the hardiness of leather, as well as the great texture but with none of the actual leather, our leatherette is a warm, soft material.


*The photos with a slightly different product design are showing the manufacturing details highlighted in the description from a sample.

Graos - Handmade Designer Real Leather Crossbody Bag

Leather type
    • Width - 24.5 cm
    • Height - 18.5 cm
    • Strap length - 1 m
    • Weight - 260 g
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