• Large Storage: Plenty of storage options to carry all the essentials
  • Ease Of Use: Everything is still easy to access and convenient to put away, organized space for mom and baby, separate pockets for not only diapers, nursing cover, and wipes, but also for your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and other toiletries
  • Stylish Diaper Bag: The design is perfect for someone who wants a baby bag that looks like a tote or weekend bag, it looks like a stylish handbag, yet has all the functions needed in a nappy bag, no one will ever know you're carrying a nappy bag.

Waterproof Nappy Bag - Tote Baby Care Bag in Happy Design

SKU: 4000234965697
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  • Brand: Insular

    Size: 20cm Item Width: 19cm

    Item Weight: 0.5kg
    Item Height: 30cm
    Waterproof Pocket: Yes
    Main Material: Polyester

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