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Made of Stories boho clothing and home decor styled by lovely people like you. 

Redecorating a little one's bedroom with our Rattan Wall Hook being one of the finishing touches. You can find here the Rattan Wall Hooks.

Haley is wearing her Calmo dress in green colour - which she loved so much that she got in both colours available. You can find here the Calmo dress.

Ilias is wearing his Azul sweatshirt in Athens, Greece, getting ready for a night out when it might get chilly. You can find here the Azul sweatshirt.

Nina is wearing her Gretel pink and blue faux fur coat on a Saturday night in Athens, Greece.  You can find here the Gretel coat.

Kat is wearing her Carnaval kimono blazer on her birthday.  You can find here the Carnaval blazer and matching palazzo pants.

Aby is wearing our Athina beige bag during Easter weekend in the UK. You can find the Athina bag here.

Xenia is wearing her Essaouira leggings at home as motivation to get in the mood for exercise.  You can find here the designer Essaouira leggings and the matching Essaouira sports bra here.

Athina bag on @eugenia_paloumpi snowy balcony pavement in downtown Athens, Greece. It's so matching the colour of the Athenian snow - which is so rare!  You can find Athina bag here. Available in multiple colours. 

@what_wendy_wore gathered 3 compliments on her morning walk in the park for her new Gretel coat. You can find the Gretel coat in 10+ colours here.

@queenofthealmostdamned is relaxing at home in her beautiful Bali kimono. You can find the Bali kimono here.

Nina wore her Casablanca leggings to dance an amazing tribal dance. You can find the Casablanca leggings here.

Danae is practising yoga at home in Tetouan sports leggings and bra. You can see the Tetouan leggings and bra here.

Casablanca swimsuit

Just trying to be a photoshoot model on the beach...

Sunglasses chain in beige

Enjoying the boat trip...

Floral turban headband

Matching the bougainvillea's

Marrakesh laptop case

From Marrakesh to Mykonos...

Meraki t-shirt

Because Meraki is so needed some days.

Neraida Mother and Daughter tees

Like mother like daughter...

Agadir laptop case

Agadir case is protecting Dimitris' laptop while travelling in Greece.

Styling at home

Anastasia is looking gorgeous in her embroidered jumper. Her sunglasses chain is the perfect finishing detail.

Eros leggings

Elvira styled her Eros leggings beautifully with a black faux fur coat. Another testament that yoga leggings are for so much more than just exercising.

Forest Green Bucket Bag

Grace styled her new Bavaria forest green bucket bag with a matching henna tattoo. Love it!

Celebrating birthday

Christina is celebrating her birthday in her Meraki Bougainvillea t-shirt.

Two real like kelepouria

Vasilis and Antonis, two spectacular finds own it by wearing a Kelepouri t-shirt and a Kelepouri Hoodie.

Working remotely

Maria is matching beautiful candles with her Casablanca laptop case while working remotely in Greece.

Getting ready for a jog

Toya is getting ready for a sunny jog in her Artemis leggings and her husband's Apollon hoodie. Totally rocking it, isn't she?

'Going for a walk' bag

Deciding whether I feel olive or yellow today.


Macrame plant hangers hanging on the kitchen wall got a Christmas makeover.

Smiling in Athens

Nina goes about her day in Athens in her Casablanca leggings

Athina black handbag

Sonia is showing her freshly delivered bag.

When in Morocco...

Decorating her table with the Bali macrame coasters placing candles on top and getting her mood with the Marrakesh laptop case lifted while working long hours at home.

Remember to laugh

Eirini and Giannis have lots of fun in their inspiring t-shirts from Made of Stories Welcome to Greece collection.

Neraida (Light) Girls One Piece

Unboxing time!

Setting up dining table

A Moroccan candle placed on a boho coaster adds a romantic touch for the dinner setting at home. It's the little things that make the whole difference, right?

Where should I hang the calendar?

Trying to decide what's the best place to hang 2021 calendar. As I'm convinced this will make a difference to the type of year 2021 will be!

Gorgeous styling

Stacy is trying out her new Tetouan leggings. She styled them so beautifully. Who said you can't wear them to go out for a coffee?

Grocery shopping

Aby styled beautifully the Athina handbag in beige to go grocery shopping. Because, where else could you go in a lockdown London?

A boat trip in turquoise waters

Xenia enjoying a boat trip in Greece in her Casablanca swimsuit.


It's a yellow day!

Eros leggings

Bathroom selfie in new leggings

A sunny walk in the park

Showing off new sunglasses chain and headband on a walk in the park.

Heart pumping

Home exercise is so much more fun in the Eros leggings who are high enough to cover all the right spots and make me feel like I can do this extra 30-sec plank!

Home yoga session

Sonia finishing her yoga session in her Marrakesh leggings.

Working late

Dimitris is getting his mood lifted while working late at night.

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